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” Brothers”

The love by brothers is enough as for to be born again.

I like to think that there is at least someone here, who is available to go anywhere by me, even at the ending of the world, if I need it.  The love somebody feel by brothers, make you stronger, a little less alone and sometimes a little more annoying.

To think that I have two brothers, make me feel safe, although I know I’m not. It is a sensation like an echo on my heart, that say We are here. Is the love in general the unique thing possible of makes us feel safe, in addition to lock the doors?  Brother’s love is of these kind of love that increase every day and one day simply is the best of your life.

The brothers know our secrets. Even when you don’t say anything, they discover it, find it or stolen it of your room. They know all, because when the persons grew up together, you know the reasons for that they are like they are, you know special emotions, great a terrible moments.

 The brothers are heroes and sometimes tyrants? Sometimes they lie, you lie or we lie.  Sometimes we say words that hurt or you don’t want to say the true. Saying sorry may be insufficient to restore confidence, but we try. Because we want to be happy with the brothers one more time.

Why we don’t have a Brother’s Holiday, with a cake a special song? I’m going to declare in my family, this new Holiday, because I have two stars that light my way, and I love them.



Author: Erika de Anda

Mujer, activa, positiva, estudiante y soñadora!

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