Erika De Anda

The Steel Heart


x1pnprgmi5o53gion5g3sreyo8hiwif3sv5da4vmptkmoyenwagx1xt2“The Steel Heart”
Erika De Anda

I touched a steel heart. It was so cold as if it was dead.
Although in the blink of an eye, it became warm for a moment. It just opened the door slightly, which already creaked, when I could see inside. It didn’t let me see inside for long time, however I could see it because I closed my eyes.

What I saw is like a house with a high ceiling like a heaven. The ceiling was crying and making the floor slippery, where everyone can fall, apparently transparent windows with safety glass, curtains to hide the loneliness, warm and cold places, a set of clean supplies to wipe off footprints of others and big walls to keep the “intruders” out.

It was then, when I noticed that in contrast of them, there are cotton hearts too. Those, which open the door wide, that absorb all the colors of the rainbow, who want to save the injurer.

I think the steel hearts were not born like that. Surely it was the pain, which made them. Perhaps cotton hearts don’t hurts? Why some hearts changed and others don’t? How can someone ease the pain?

Nature leaves steel hearts with the cotton ones. Some chase the other, but when one is stronger another gets afraid, when mine is warm another runs. Is this anything like an endless marathon? It is. However everyone is at the marathon, with a number on the chest to hide the heart. I usually get number 13. I’m thinking to change it.

It’s a big risk that some cotton hearts will become of steel in time. But if the steel ones return to be cotton hearts, like kids cry and lough, then these terrible house will be a home. If that happens, I am going to give a standing ovation.

Poor steal hearts and poor cotton hearts!
Which one you got? Tell me.


Author: Erika de Anda

Mujer, activa, positiva, estudiante y soñadora!

2 thoughts on “The Steel Heart

  1. Es muy bello y muy profundo, yo creo tener Corazon de algodon, no ha existido dolor alguno que lo haga ocultarce, cerrar la puerta y ponerce su caparazon. Saludos

  2. Bien Julio! Un aplauso a tu corazón. Gracias.

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