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” 20 Minutes or 2 Days “

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Malone Yang
Descriptive Essay
July 30, 2013
20 minutes or 2 days

We all heard that expression, time is free, and time is money also. Everyone has 24 hours a day. Besides of work and sleep, what can we do for something interesting and exciting during our free time? Some people like indoor activities, others prefer going outside, and someone just wants to do nothing and sits lazily on a couch. I enjoy doing many kinds of activities. However, no matter it is 20 free minutes or 2 days of vacation, I would like to spend my time in hiking, photography, and workout at gym.
Hiking in nature always has some kind of extremity attraction to me. When I have time, I like to take my backpack, bring a map, and find somewhere for hiking. I would like to get together with friends for hiking, and sometimes I may do it by myself. Walking in the mountain, passing through a field of jungle, or to explorer in an unknown canyon can be the good physical exercise. At the same time, it is also a spiritual purging for me. I always receive something new for each time of hiking, for example, finding out a new plant; discovering a voice from some birds that I have never heard; or submission the top of a mountain where I expected for. My ultimate hiking experience was the 15,600 feet high attitude at EBC (Everest Base Camp) in Tibet. The low level of oxygen suffered me, but the fascinating natural view stunned me also. Every time, when I finished a hiking and got back home, I might be tried in body, but also felt fresh in my mind and rechargeable of my spirit.
Furthermore, one of the interesting activities I like to do during my free time is photography. Beautiful or unexpected moments are usually short as like a sparkle, I like to use photographs to preserve the wonderful second. Taking a picture is not only to record a view what I saw, it is also a record of my feeling and mood. I enjoy using my camera and focusing it on the subject of nature, animals, foods, and people. When I press the button of shutter, meanwhile, I also insert my personal emotion into the picture. In contrast to the over-altering photographs, I prefer to keep the pictures as original. The computer effect in the pictures is something which I don’t like. Additionally, I usually prepared several different lenses for my camera. Decent lenses could let photographs to express true, clean, and vivid color, but those lenses also cost a lot of money. I may not be a professional photographer, but I enjoy the moment of photographing.
Workout has become an import part of my life. Because I believe that the best cure of the stress is stress. Even it’s just 20 minutes of free time, I would choose to spend that 20 minutes at the gym. If I didn’t have workout for a period, I could become a sulk easily. To feel the muscle pan and to sweat in the gym are the kind of stress of my body, but they also let me release my pressure in mind. Also, some of my friends would hire a personal trainer for workout, but I have never done with that. I can’t stand with an unfamiliar person who always yell and try to cheer me up when I am lifting. Each time, when I ware my walk-man and try to push myself over and over the top during workout, I build my body and get rid of my distress.
We might be busy and occupied by working for every day, every minute. We might all suffer in our routine and boring job. Maybe the most frequently five words we say is “I do not have time”. However, we shouldn’t forget to utilize our free time to do something which would excite and cheer us up. Hold your every free second to explorer the world by your feet; let the pictures continue to be a part of your diary in life, and build a sturdy body in a gym are the best activities for our free time.
Malone Yang


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