Erika De Anda

” Inside the Ocean ” Chapter I


Newport Beach
” Inside the Ocean ”
Chapter I

I listened to the words: to go inside the ocean, and I simply went to Newport Beach.

It isn’t difficult to enter because the force of the sea itself takes you in. It isn’t hard to enter because there is only one way. It isn’t hard to feel because the breeze carries the scent of what we have and what we haven’t been, of what we have been giving and what we have been keeping.

However, once it is in, a war breaks out. Is an internal war, someone told me, a few days ago. Inside the Ocean the love fight against the reason. Can it have any worse? Why are we always looking to know the end of that war? Only the brave go inside? There are some that are left on the shore of the beach? Are they safe? Or are they missing the opportunity to win?

Everyone has his or her own war, because we are a mix of the bad and good things. It is like the Yin Yang. Anyone can’t help other. There aren’t submarines, there aren’t guests.

It is like a fisherman with a net, a boat, an anchor, and a lifesaver. Sometimes, after a long wait, every fisherman pulls his or her own net and finds it empty, the boat swings, letting it know, that it could sinks. It’s one to one, the ocean and the fisherman, love and reason, men in front of the truth. It is the war of wars.

Then, the fear tells it a secret … Loneliness is coming to help the reason on the fight.

Meanwhile, it can see away the bigger waves. It’s like a storm over and under the boat. It’s probably the moment to think about the people it loves, the love it gave, and the reasons that it had for not loving others. It doesn’t matter how much money you have or how many customers you get, because there, it isn’t receive payments neither ask a favor to anybody.

Is it all done?

I didn’t know what else could I do? I put my life jacket, I left my still empty net into the sea and I finally threw my anchor on the middle of the battle in the Newport Beach.


Author: Erika de Anda

Mujer, activa, positiva, estudiante y soñadora!

8 thoughts on “” Inside the Ocean ” Chapter I

  1. very preatty and illustrative very good job congratulations guy
    javier cabrera

  2. very goog job

  3. how can i do a page like this one ?

  4. Leerte es siempre una venturosa invitación a imaginarse en las palabras, en los paisajes, personajes y momentos que compartes con quienes te leemos. Te mando un abrazo inmenso

  5. Erika I am really impressed with your writing abilities. This wring is great. It has many descriptive words. Me gusto mucho el escrito. Tu mensaje esta bien claro. i would like to write like you one day. Congratulations Erika..

  6. Prima, you wrote this? If you did, I am very proud of you. This is deep, like the ocean.
    I knew you would learn more and get you English better. Keep on giving it your all and sooner than latter you will be speaking it even better than us.
    Love you lot’s. Hope to see you soon!

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