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“De Divina Proportione 2013”



 Dear Year “Golden Number”,

 Do I have to say goodbye?

I waited for you. For many reasons, I waited a long time. No, you didn’t give me everything I wanted, but you’re taking away what I don’t need. Divina Proportione or Golden Number, in your time I played poker, I discovered the true brightness of a photo, I changed my old lap top and I was sitting on Hermosa’s Beach soft sand when I went back to eating peanuts.

You were a piece of the breath from God in whom I give many thanks to.
I met wonderful people and discovered those who I knew; families helping strangers, excellent hosts, spouses who love each other, invaluable and caring people and new and old friends.

Number of Gold, whisper the last secret my acquaintances ears. Embrace every heart that I knew. Those who welcomed me in their home and those who never abandoned me, regardless of distance. Tell them as you’re about to leave. Do so as I breathe in your last minute. Say it slowly, deeply and warmly: “Thank you”. Especially those hearts who kissed my soul.

I wish I could be more helpful and love a little more. But I’m going to do it as the first day of 2014. I’m already on my way.

Thank you Always!



“De Divina Proportione 2013”

 Querido Año “Numero de Oro”,

 Tengo que decir adiós?

Te esperé. Por muchas razones te esperé mucho tiempo. No, no me diste todo lo que quería  pero te estas llevando lo que no me hace falta. Numero de Oro o Divina Proportione, en este tiempo jugué poker, descubrí el verdadero brillo de una foto, cambié mi vieja lap top y volví a comer cacahuates sentada en la suave arena de Hermosa Beach.

 Fuiste un trozo del aliento de Dios a quien agradezco todo.

Conocí y descubrí personas maravillosas.  Familias que ayudan a extraños, excelentes anfitriones, esposos que se aman, seres invaluables y solidarios, nuevos y viejos amigos.

 Numero Dorado diles el ultimo secreto al oído. Abraza con cuidado a cada Corazón que conocí, a aquellos que me recibieron en su casa y a los que ni por la distancia  me abandonaron. Hazlo en el último minuto. Cuando ya te vayas a ir, mientras yo tomo aire. Diles suave, profunda y cálidamente: “Gracias”. Especialmente a aquellos corazones que le dieron un beso a mi alma.

 Quisiera haber podido ayudar y amar un poco más. Pero lo voy a hacer desde el primer día del 2014. Ya estoy en el camino.

Gracias Siempre!


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Me dijo: “Mas que 100 kaabas hechas de agua y tierra vale en la vida un noble corazón, en los países del mañana aferra cuantos puedas al propio corazón. Y en las tierras de hoy, de un puro amigo adhierete por siempre al corazón. Deja ya de la kaaba el falso abrigo, y corre al mundo en pos de un corazón”. JC

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” Brothers”

The love by brothers is enough as for to be born again.

I like to think that there is at least someone here, who is available to go anywhere by me, even at the ending of the world, if I need it.  The love somebody feel by brothers, make you stronger, a little less alone and sometimes a little more annoying.

To think that I have two brothers, make me feel safe, although I know I’m not. It is a sensation like an echo on my heart, that say We are here. Is the love in general the unique thing possible of makes us feel safe, in addition to lock the doors?  Brother’s love is of these kind of love that increase every day and one day simply is the best of your life.

The brothers know our secrets. Even when you don’t say anything, they discover it, find it or stolen it of your room. They know all, because when the persons grew up together, you know the reasons for that they are like they are, you know special emotions, great a terrible moments.

 The brothers are heroes and sometimes tyrants? Sometimes they lie, you lie or we lie.  Sometimes we say words that hurt or you don’t want to say the true. Saying sorry may be insufficient to restore confidence, but we try. Because we want to be happy with the brothers one more time.

Why we don’t have a Brother’s Holiday, with a cake a special song? I’m going to declare in my family, this new Holiday, because I have two stars that light my way, and I love them.


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Nobody is indispensable. December arrived with the traditional ponche to replace the coffee.
Nadie es indispensable. Llegó Diciembre con el tradicional ponche para sustituir al cafecito.

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De ausencias y silencios se compone a veces, un recuerdo.
Absences and silences sometimes include a memory.

A veces creemos que hay algo o alguien que ya no esta con nosotros. Sin embargo, esa presencia es intensa, subterránea. Ausencia es la suegra de Presencia??

Sometimes we believe that there is something or someone who already left. However, their presence is intense, underground . Is Absence the mother in law of Presence??